EBook cover 'Steel & Stone Collection' by Annette Marie Paperback cover 'Steel & Stone Collection' by Annette Marie Audiobook cover 'Steel & Stone Collection' by Annette Marie, narrated by Greg Tremblay

Steel & Stone Collection

Steel & Stone: Book 6

The Steel & Stone Collection is the underappreciated encore to the Steel & Stone series—but most fans who read it vote it among their favorite books in the set!

The Steel & Stone Collection - Synopsis

12 new stories from the Steel & Stone series, narrated by Ash and Lyre

From her first fateful glimpse of the Sahar Stone to the explosive battle in Asphodel, Piper fought with Ash and Lyre beside her. A draconian and an incubus—an unlikely friendship of two skilled warriors, deadly in very different ways, both hiding dark secrets and dangerous pasts.

Now, return to the Steel & Stone world—this time through their eyes. In this collection of short stories set on the same timeline as the original series, Ash and Lyre reveal a whole new side to the trials they faced—both familiar scenes and never-before-seen adventures. Discover Ash's first impression of Piper, their fight in the Styx ring, Lyre's secret role in the escape from Asphodel, and more.

This captivating encore to the Steel & Stone series includes 12 all-new stories that complement and expand on the most pivotal moments of the series.

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