Steel & Stone: YA Urban Fantasy series by Annette Marie


6-Book Series

The first rule for an apprentice Consul is don’t trust daemons, but Piper has no choice but to rely on two dangerous daemons to save her life. Chase the Dark opens this gritty urban fantasy epic that spans a desiccated Earth, the dark and foreboding Underworld, and the beautiful and deadly Overworld.

Tags: Urban fantasy, epic fantasy, young adult, action, slow-burn romance

"A book filled with fun, danger, action, and basically everything that makes urban fantasy delicious. The world building was excellent, leaving us with a vast, detailed and complex world to explore."

- I Heart Reading

Available on Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Meet the main cast of Steel & Stone

"Wow. Just wow. You know that magical hungry feeling you get when you're reading a great book that's hitting all the right spots? Chase the Dark was that book."

- Book Whispers

Available on Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

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