Plushie Zwi will return

Around a year ago, I shared a few photos of a little dragon plushie I sewed, and mentioned I wanted to try making a Zwi version. Well I finally had a chance to do it — meet Plushie Zwi!

Plushie Zwi

Sewing her was quite the adventure! I combined and altered two patterns from CholyKnight www.cholyknight.com and spent about five days sewing and stuffing.

I started by printing and cutting out the pattern pieces, then traced them onto the fabric and cut those out. After attaching the eyes, I sewed the head. I had to hand-sew her horns onto her head, which was quite the task. Her body came next, but I ran into an issue where her wings attach—the fabric layers were too thick to fit through the sewing machine. More hand-sewing. 😐 But I got it done in the end, and she turned out great!

Here are a few progress shots. If you want a step-by-step breakdown of each phase, check out this gallery.

Hope you like her! For fans who haven’t heard, Zwi will be returning in the upcoming Steel & Stone/Spell Weaver sequel series Blackfire. If you missed it, check out the announcement post.

Plushi Zwi pattern Plushi Zwi cut out Plushi Zwi sewing eyes Plushi Zwi stuffing head Plushi Zwi hand sewing horns Plushi Zwi attaching claws Plushi Zwi stuffing body Plushi Zwi completed