The Guild Codex: Warped — Urban Fantasy series by Rob Jacobsen & Annette Marie


The MPD has three roles: keep magic hidden, keep mythics under control, and don't screw up the first two.
Kit Morris is the wrong guy for the job on all counts.

Tags: Urban fantasy, humor, action, magic

“I loved the new characters (did I mention how much I love Kit? Because I do. I love Kit Morris), I loved the character dynamic, I loved the humor and wit and ill-timed movie references and one-liners, I loved the fast-paced adventure and I loved the refreshing new perspective at a beloved world. Whether you’re a Guild Codex newbie or a longtime fan, this one is not to be missed!

- Lindsey Reads. ★★★★★

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Meet the main cast of The Guild Codex: Warped

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