The Steel & Stone Universe Timeline

With the completion of the Spell Weaver trilogy and an upcoming sequel series, the Steel & Stone Universe is growing even larger. The Spell Weaver and Steel & Stone series can be read in either order, but if you’re not sure how the books fit together or want to check you haven’t missed anything, here’s the chronological reading order.

– Chronological Reading Order –

Spell Weaver Prologue
(included at the end of Unleash the Storm)

[ 3 years later ]

The Night Realm
The Shadow Weave
The Blood Curse

[ 5 years later ]

Chase the Dark
Bind the Soul
Yield the Night
Feed the Flames*
Reap the Shadows
Unleash the Storm
Steel & Stone Collection*

The Blood Curse Bonus Epilogue*
(available as a free download)

[ 5 years later ]

Blackfire Book 1*
(title to be announced)

* includes plot crossover between Spell Weaver and Steel & Stone