Cover Reveal: Hellbound Guilds & Other Misdirections

May 14, 2021 by Annette Marie

It’s been a long time since the last book release and I want to thank everyone for your support and patience while I took a much needed break from work. Now Rob Jacobsen and I are back with a new cover (and release date!) for Kit’s second book in The Guild Codex: Warped. The next installment, Hellbound Guilds & Other Misdirections, has just as much hilarious hijinks and some serious edge-of-your-seat action too.

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Christmas 2020 – A Big Surprise!

December 25, 2020 by Annette Marie

Let’s be real. 2020 hasn’t been a great year, and the holiday season has come with extra challenges for everyone.

But with the hope that it might make your Christmas just a little bit brighter, I have a surprise: a secret Guild Codex project that began back in July. Keeping it under wraps has been killer, but it’s finally time to share it with you!

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Update for Hellbound Guilds & Other Misdirections

November 9, 2020 by darkowl

We have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Hellbound Guilds & Other Misdirections (The Guild Codex: Warped #2) to 2021. For anyone who has placed a pre-order, you will receive a notification from Amazon that it has been cancelled; no action is needed on your part.

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Cover Reveal: The One and Only Crystal Druid

September 25, 2020 by Annette Marie

With the finales for both The Guild Codex: Spellbound and Demonized releasing in the next three weeks, the end of two series that have consumed my creativity for nearly three years is almost here. But I’m not done yet…

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Ebook Cover: Damned Souls and a Sangria by Annette Marie

Cover Reveal: Damned Souls and a Sangria

August 28, 2020 by Annette Marie

Almost two years after Three Mages and a Margarita released, the cover for Damned Souls and a Sangria, the final book in The Guild Codex: Spellbound series, is here!

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Ebook cover "Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors" by Annette Marie and Rob Jacobsen

New Release: Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors

August 7, 2020 by Annette Marie

Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors is now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, paperback very soon (next week-ish?), and Audiobook (Aug 25). Rob Jacobsen and I are proud to introduce you to the first book in the new Guild Codex series:

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Ebook cover "Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors" by Annette Marie and Rob Jacobsen

Cover Reveal: Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors

July 3, 2020 by Annette Marie

Please say hello to the mysteriously intriguing and charmingly unorthodox Kit Morris!

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New Release: Demon Magic and a Martini

April 12, 2019 by Annette Marie

Release day is upon us! Demon Magic and a Martini is now available in paperback, Kindle/Kindle Unlimited, and audiobook coming soon (Apr 23). Tori is about to learn why no one ever talks about demon magic.

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