The Red Winter Special Edition Hardcover Omnibus

I am so thrilled to announce that my Red Winter Trilogy is finally getting a hardcover edition! But not just any hardcover. We’re making the biggest, fanciest, most collectible of omnibus hardcovers with every bell and whistle we can manage. This book is going to be spectacular.

To make this extra-special edition happen, we’re launching it with a Kickstarter campaign. If you aren’t familiar, Kickstarter is a platform that lets “backers” support a creative endeavor as a community, and as the funding increases, so does the awesomeness of the project. It will work just like a pre-order, with the added bonus that the book might get upgrades or free goodies added to every order.

Hit the button below to follow the Red Winter Kickstarter campaign so you’ll be notified the moment it goes live on September 14!

So what does it look like and what is included?? We’re going all out with this special edition, adding all the extra touches to make this book a pleasure to look at, touch, and read. And the shinies aren’t limited to the book itself!

Here’s an idea of what to expect:

  • All three books in the Red Winter Trilogy combined into one beautiful hardcover edition.
  • NYT best-selling artist Brittany Jackson returns to illustrate the double-sided dust jacket with a stunning new full-color illustration—to be revealed on launch day!
  • A dramatic black cloth cover with glamorous metallic red foil featuring custom brush typography.
  • All 30 of Brittany Jackson’s enchanting original interior illustrations included.
  • Extra goodies including a beautiful etched wooden bookmark and stickers, with more items to be unlocked!
  • And of course, each book will be hand-signed by yours truly. 😉
  • International shipping!! We’ll do our best to ship to every location we can, including North America, UK, EU, and AU/NZ.

There will also be a limited number of fancy packages with exclusive perks and goodies. More to be revealed later!

This project is a really special one for me because the Red Winter trilogy is really special to me. In the world of authors, we have to give a lot of consideration to not only what we want to write but what we think will interest readers (and sell books, because if we don’t sell books, we don’t get to keep writing). But for Red Winter, I broke that rule. I wrote it because I really, really wanted to, even though I knew it would be tricky to sell.

Red Winter doesn’t fit neatly into a fantasy subgenre. It’s kind of contemporary fantasy, kind of romantic fantasy, kind of YA, a little bit historical, and a thing all its own. It doesn’t have a kickbutt heroine (veeery popular in 2016 when I wrote the first book) and has a slow, immersive opening instead of a big, exciting kickoff (also considered a bad idea by 2016 fantasy standards). And it’s inspired by a mythology that most readers aren’t familiar with (in the English market, at least).

But I did it anyway, because it’s a story that I just really wanted to tell. If I were to get transported to a book world, I’d choose Red Winter. And the characters are, I’m not going to lie, my favorites of all my series.

If you haven’t read Red Winter, let me introduce three of those characters, Emi, Shiro, and Yumei, as well as a peek at three of the thirty illustrations in the series. <3

Along with those three troublemakers, the Red Winter trilogy also has…

  • The most fantasy romance vibes of any of my series.
  • Gods and demons, but with a Japanese mythology spin.
  • Unforgettable slow-burn forbidden love—you will feel feels.
  • The highest star ratings of any of my series on Amazon and Goodreads, especially Book 3, Immortal Fire.

So if you’ve read my other books and you love…

  • Robin’s character growth from meek to badass in Demonized, you’ll love Emi.
  • Lyre’s humor and/or Zylas’s predatory edge, you’ll love Shiro.
  • Any of the fae from Unveiled, you’ll love the yokai (demons) of the Red Winter world.
  • Robin & Zylas’s opposites-attract romance, you’ll love Emi & Shiro’s romance.
  • Protective male characters, you’ll love Shiro and Yumei.
  • Characters so powerful it’s hot, you’ll definitely love Yumei.

If you want to check out the trilogy before the Kickstarter launches, you can get three ebooks for the price of two with the Kindle omnibus. And make sure to follow the project on Kickstarter so you don’t miss launch day! This will be the only guaranteed way to get a copy of the hardcover omnibus. We’re doing one print run and one print run only. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.