The new merch store is here!

We’ve been working on this project for… too long… but we’ve finally got it to a working stage. We launched the new Annette Marie Book Shop on Shopify in the fall of 2021 to facilitate the release of The Guild Codex Comic Collection.

New Annette Marie Book Shop screenshot

In March 2022 we closed up our old merch store, which was powered by WooCommerce, in order to transition the t-shirts, mugs, art cards, stickers, and posters to the new store platform.

Now that it’s July (whoops!) you can start to see those old products on the new shop. Items that can be produced and shipped in any region (mugs, art cards, stickers, etc) are available now. Items that have regional restrictions (clothing items, mainly) will trickle in shortly. We’ll be adding new designs and new products too!

You may also notice there are signed books on the store now! These will go in and out of stock as we bring in more, so keep an eye out for availability. Note that signed books ship separately from all other products.

The store is currently available for customers in the US and Canada. We’re working on all the little complexities to add Europe and the UK as well.

If you have any questions about products, shipping, taxes, etc., check out the info pages in the store footer and send us an email before placing your order. (That will save everyone time and energy.)

Check out the new store here. >>