Cover Reveal: The Unbreakable Bladesong Druid

I’m super excited to show off the cover for The Guild Codex: Unveiled finale, The Unbreakable Bladesong Druid. It comes out on September 9 and you can pre-order now to have it delivered to your Kindle on release day.

The Unbreakable Bladesong Druid

The Guild Codex: Unveiled / Four

Available Sep 9, 2022

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Saber finally gets the spotlight on a cover in her series! The process for this series’ covers is actually a bit unusual compared to how I usually design covers. The art on The One and Only Crystal Druid cover was originally a composition I did “just for fun” way before I’d decided for sure to do a Zak series. Over the following months, every time I thought about the “Zak series,” I pictured that image of Zak astride his fae mount. So when it came time to design the cover, I just couldn’t resist. 😉

For Saber’s cover, I knew it needed to be epic, not only because it was finally her turn to be front and center, but also because it’s the series finale. I put a ton of detail into the artwork, including painting the raindrops and water on Saber’s skin. 💦 Check out my Instagram to see some of the detail work and stock images used to bring the cover to life.