Christmas 2020 – A Big Surprise!

Let’s be real. 2020 hasn’t been a great year, and the holiday season has come with extra challenges for everyone.

But with the hope that it might make your Christmas just a little bit brighter, I have a surprise: a secret Guild Codex project that began back in July. Keeping it under wraps has been killer, but it’s finally time to share it with you!

The Guild Codex: Comic Collection

The Guild Codex: Comic Collection by Annette Marie, Illustrated by Ashleigh Zanardi

Ashleigh Zanardi brings the Guild Codex gang to life with vivid color and abundant personality in an eclectic collection of short comics. Fall into favorite scenes—from Tori’s infamous margarita toss to Robin’s first interaction with the mysterious demon in the summoning circle—and discover new moments between beloved characters. Bursting with heart and humor, The Guild Codex: Comic Collection is the ultimate companion for the series.

Welcome back to the Crow & Hammer. 😉

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I can’t even tell you how special and awesome this companion to the Guild Codex will be—a full-color hardback with ~100 pages of short comics depicting favorite scenes and revealing funny and heart-melting moments between characters. It all began when Ashleigh shared some of her jaw-dropping and hilarious fanart in the reader group, and I instantly needed more. One thing led to another, and the Comic Collection was born!

Estimated release date is sometime in 2021. This is a project that will take as long as it takes (it doesn’t help that Ashleigh and I keep making it bigger…) but as soon as we have a date, we’ll let you know!

As an extra treat that you don’t have to wait for, we’ve prepared some artwork from each series for you to use as wallpaper on your computer, phone or tablet. Previews and links below.

Developing The Guild Codex: Comic Collection involved designing all the characters–and this is the result. Say hello to the main GC cast in Ashleigh’s utterly lovable comic style! <3

 Guild Codex Comic Collection Character Lineup by Ashleigh Zanardi

Guild Codex Character Design Wallpaper (Landscape)

This Red Winter wallpaper is a combination of a set of three drawings I shared on my Instagram this month showing the “past & present” versions of a certain trio of yokai. You can also download the individual pieces as vertical wallpapers for your phone/tablet.

Red Winter Past & Present by Annette Marie

Red Winter “Past & Present” (Landscape)
Shiro (Portrait)
Yumei (Portrait)
Susano (Portrait)

Last but not least is something for everyone who’s been patiently waiting for Blackfire. I spent a loooong time on this drawing, really trying to capture the characters, and I hope you like it! Piper, Ash, and Lyre, the original Steel & Steel trio, as their five-year-older selves for Blackfire. 😀

Blackfire by Annette Marie

Blackfire (Landscape)
Ash & Lyre (Portrait)
Ash (Portrait)
Lyre (Portrait)
Piper (Portrait)

I hope you’re as excited about The Guild Codex: Comic Collection as Ashleigh and I are, and that you enjoy the bookish wallpapers! <3 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and see you in the new year!

– Annette

P.S. – If you didn’t get the bookish present you wanted for Christmas, check out the store and treat yourself to a Zh’ultis tshirt or an official MPD mug. 😉