New Release: Two Witches and a Whiskey

Release day has arrived! Two Witches and a Whiskey is now available in paperback, Kindle/Kindle Unlimited, and audiobook coming soon (Feb 28). Tori has gotten herself into some serious trouble this time, and between meddlesome witches, deadly fae lords, and MPD investigations, she’s got her work cut out for her. 😉

Two Witches and a Whiskey - urban fantasy by Annette Marie

Three months ago, I landed a job as a bartender. But not at a bar—at a guild. Yeah, the magic kind.

I’m not a badass mage like my three best friends. I’m not a sorcerer or an alchemist, or even a wussy witch. I’m just a human, slinging drinks like a pro and keeping my nose out of mythic business. Seriously, I know my limits.

So why am I standing in a black-magic ritual circle across from a fae lord?

Somewhere behind me, my friends are battling for their lives. Somewhere near my feet is the rogue witch I just knocked out with a stolen spell. And I have about three seconds to convince this very angry sea god not to shmoosh me like a bug.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t part of the job description.

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