Meet the Cast of Three Mages and a Margarita

Three Mages and a Margarita releases in less than two weeks and my favorite part about this series is the characters. Even though they’ll be here soon, I want to introduce our leading lady and the titular mages, including an excerpt for each character!


NAME: Tori Dawson
GENDER: Female
AGE: 21
SIGN: Sagittarius
CLASS: Human


“We’re leaving. I won’t pay to be mocked and insulted.” The woman shoved to her feet, frothing at the mouth with vindicated rage. Her companion shoveled one last mouthful of chicken down her gullet before scrambling up.

“If you could just wait one moment,” I tried again. “A manager will—”

“Out of my way!” Her fat hand shot out and shoved my drink tray.

It flipped up, dumping all six beverages onto my chest. Liquid drenched my white blouse and glassware shattered on the floor, spraying shards over my legs as ice cubes skittered under tables.

Anyone who’s known me for more than an hour has an inkling of my temper. And by inkling, I mean I might as well wear a flashing sign that reads, “Firecracker Redhead, Beware.” Or, if you’re my ex-boyfriend, it reads, “Don’t Stick It in Crazy Gingers.”

I try my best, okay? I keep my mouth shut, I smile real polite, and I let the managers give free meals to every scamming asshole because “the customer is always right” or whatever.

But sometimes I react before I think.

Which is why, as ice-cold liquid gushed down my front, I whipped my dripping tray right into the woman’s smirking face.

The plastic hit the side of her head with a shocking crack and she stumbled backward, then fell on her well-padded butt. Her mouth hung open, eyes bugged out, coke and beer and a hint of iced tea speckling her cheek.

If the restaurant had been quiet before, now it was silent enough to be a new dimension.

“She pushed me first,” I announced, my voice echoing in the silence. “You all saw that, right?”


NAME: Aaron Sinclair
AGE: 24
SIGN: Aries
CLASS: Pyromage


I looked from the glossy black sheath to the gleaming hilt, then back at Aaron.

“That is a sword.” A freakin’ sword. Who walked around with a sword?

“Only useless mages train with wands,” he replied. “We train with weapons. If someone is trying to kill me, I’d rather have a sword than try to poke their eyes out with a piddly wand.”

I grasped the leather-wrapped handle and lifted it a few inches, its weight surprising me. “Do people try to kill you often?”

“Not usually.” He zipped the bag. “MPD doesn’t have the manpower to track down every rogue across the globe, so they post bounties instead. Guilds do the tag and bag, then hand the perp over for trial.”

“Huh.” I remembered a passing remark he’d made on Sunday. “And you’re after a bounty for a rogue … sorcerer?”

“Yep. Thought we had a solid lead this afternoon so I grabbed Sharpie, but the guy gave us the slip.”

“Sharpie? You named your sword Sharpie?”

“We’re supposed to be incognito, Tori. What if someone overheard me talking about my Fiery Deathbringer or Warblade of Murderous Doom?”


NAME: Kai Yamada
AGE: 24
SIGN: Scorpio
CLASS: Electramage


When I’d left Kai a few hours ago, the study nook had been empty. Now it was full of women. Two had crammed themselves onto the sofa with him, and five more were arranged across the remaining seats.

My eyebrows climbed toward my hairline. Ah. Kai’s playboy status had baffled me—he wasn’t outgoing or even flirtatious—but now I got it. He attracted women with the oldest trick in the book: disinterest. He was hot, and he was ignoring them. That combination seemed to trigger some bizarre mate-hunting instinct in women, driving them to throw themselves at the man until he acknowledged them as worthy.

At least, that was my working theory as I stopped by the table and received no less than three icy warning glares.

“Hey,” I said. “Ready to go?”

He snapped his laptop shut and rose, grabbing his black motorcycle helmet. As he joined me, I counted the disappointed sighs. We walked away side by side, and feeling the belligerent stares on my back, I gave in to my evil urges and slid an arm around his waist.

His arm wrapped around me in response, but his look was questioning.

I nodded at his fan club. “I couldn’t resist crushing their souls.”


NAME: Ezra Rowe
AGE: 23
SIGN: Gemini
CLASS: Aeromage


As I tried not to stare at the scar cutting down Ezra’s face over his strangely pale eye, he smiled ruefully. “My depth perception sucks. I have to be careful about knocking things over.”

I hesitated, unsure if questions would offend him. I might be ruder than a pirate with a broken peg leg, but I wasn’t a total jerk. “What happened?”

His expression sobered. “An accident. There was this ice cream truck—”

“Not that story again,” Kai interrupted. “You need a better one.”

“You don’t like the shark attack one either.”

“That scar looks nothing like a shark bite.”

“Maybe it was a one-toothed shark,” Ezra suggested seriously.

Aaron leaned toward me. “The actual story is that he was running with a pair of scissors and—”

“I hate that one,” Ezra complained. “I sound like an idiot.”

“And you don’t sound stupid talking about an ice cream tr—”

“Okay, okay,” I said, waving my hands. “Forget I asked.”

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Three Mages and a Margarita releases in Kindle ebook and paperback on September 14! (Audiobook will follow on October 16.)