EBook cover 'Red Winter' by Annette Marie Paperback cover 'Red Winter' by Annette Marie Audiobook cover 'Red Winter' by Annette Marie, narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

Red Winter

Red Winter: Book 1

A destiny written by the gods. A fate forged by lies. Opening this sweeping trilogy, Red Winter immerses readers in an enchanting world of Japanese mythology—and leaves them breathless for more.

Red Winter - Synopsis

Emi has spent her entire life hiding from the creatures that hunt her. The savage earth spirits are determined to kill her before she can become the living host of a goddess, so she stays hidden—until the day she saves the life of one of her hunters.

Shiro isn't the harmless fox spirit she thought he was. He's mysterious, cunning, unpredictable...and now hers to command. He's sworn to pay his debt to her, but he doesn't know who she is. If he finds out, he'll kill her.

But she can't send him away—not yet. Her future isn't what she thought. The lies surrounding her fate have begun to unravel, and she needs answers before time runs out—answers that lie in the spirit realm. Shiro can take her there. . .if she dares to trust him.

And only then will she find out how deep the gods' treachery runs.

Red Winter includes 10 full-page illustrations by award-winning artist Brittany Jackson.